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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bachhe ka Sapna

बच्चे का सपना 
रविवार का दिन था दोस्तों के कहने पर अजीत घर से निकाल चुका था.स्टेशन पहुँचा तो देखा कि ट्रेन को आने में दस मिनट का टाइम है .अजीत इधर उधार देख् रहा था कि अचानक एक कोने मेदेखा.  एक छोटा बच्चा अपने बाप का हठ थामे कुछ माँगने कि जिद कर रहा है . सोचा बचा है कुछ माँग रहा होगा . हठ थमे बाप का चेहरा देखा तो वोह बच्चे कि माँ किअ तरफ़ देख् रहा था .
मानो बचा जो चिप्स के पैकेट माँग रहा है उसकी माँग बह भी कर रहा हो.
अजीत ने सोचा जाने दो मुझे क्या करना . गरीब बचा है खाने किअ जिद कर रहा है 
उसके माँ बाप  खिलयेंगे मुझे क्या करना .
तभी उसे अपने बचपन का वोह लम्हा याद आ गया जब वोह भी इसी तरह से जिद करता था.
अछा  पैसे कमाने वाला अजीत सीट से खड़ा हुआ 
चिप्स का पैकेट लिया और बच्चे के हठ में थम के निकाल गया .
ट्रेन के आने का टाइम हो चुका था .
बच्चे का बाप अभी भी माँ किअ और देख् रहा था इस बात से अनजान किअ बच्चा अपना सपना पा चुका है .
अजीत ट्रेन में चढ़ चुका था और समय ने उसके चेह्रे पर मीठी मुस्कान छोड़ दी थी,

दर्द वही समझ सकते है जिन्होंने दर्द सहा है .
आपने आस्पस्स के बचो का सपना पूरा कर और ख़ुशियाँ बातें ...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

True Worship

Tanay works in a MNC  in Mumbai . He came to his home town for long weekends with family.
As his mother goes daily nearby temple, he requested to drop her there on his bike.
He didn’t entered in the temple as his didn’t took the shower.
He was waiting outside the temple and saw one auto driver and one old man talking each other.
When he closer on it he found out that Old man requesting auto rickshaw driver to drop him some near place. Tanay first ignore it but he saw old man face he went there and asked the Auto driver about the matter. Autodriver said Old men is having 50 rs while he is asking for 60 so old men requesting him to drop him 50 Rs only. Tanay just open his wallet and gave auto driver a 10 rs note. Old men smiled and auto rickshaw man also got happy as he was also vacant .
And Tanay got satisfaction. Mom returned  from the temple with the blessing of GOD.
Management funda : It is not always true that young boy don’t care about the old generation But they do the worship in their own style.So just understand the generation.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Even animal knows the LOVE !!!

We read news paper daily and find lots of violence ,

crime ,murder and rape cases etc. we are missing

 one imp thing in our life

which is love . Love is for Humanity .

Love for those we never know .

Love for those who meets only for minutes .

have gratitude for those who are not capable.

So that our coming generation read

less crime in newspapers .

Just make a better society around yourself .

Watch this amazing video .

Even King of Lion

know the LOVE !!!!

spread it
enjoy it

Monday, March 22, 2010

why we are earning ?

I was returning from temple. I parked my vehicle and found that my mom is buying vegetables from a street vendor.

i went there and started taking to him.

he told my mom that the day before yesterday, he had fresh and good oranges.

My mom asked him why didn’t you let me know.

He told that he bought only 20 kg

and sold all till 5 o clock.

I asked him in shocked gesture : “Till 5 only!! Why didn’t you buy more oranges so u could get more profit.

He replied: No, I don't want more money .

i want to go home till 5,and enjoy there only.

A thought came to my mind,

People who are getting more money are not enjoying life after earning.

They just want to save and earn more and more.

Do you have time to enjoy your money?

Question : why we are earning ?

Ask your self!!!!
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